Recently, the Year 6 class of 2022 went on an Outdoor Pursuit trip to the PGL at Winmarleigh. They had loads of fun, and couldn’t believe the activities that were completed.

In the morning of Wednesday 21st April 2022, the class woke up feeling excited for the upcoming 3 days. They came into school wearing their own clothes and pulling suitcases, and got on with lessons up until 11:30 when they ate and got ready for the trip. The class, their teachers along with Mrs Mitchell (a school governor) hopped on the bus and arrived at Winmarleigh Hall around 1:00. Suitcases were dropped off in the Games Room, and the 3 groups went off to their separate activities.

Miss Groome, her squad and Adam (the instructor) went off to the Sensory Trail. Mrs McDowell, her team and Jess did the High Ropes. Finally Mrs Mitchell, her group and Alex swung on the Giant Swing. There were 4 activities a day, 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. At the end of the day, we headed to the dinner hall and enjoyed a scrumptious meal of Chilli con Carne or Katsu Curry Sauce and Chicken. After checking out the rooms, and unpacking a bit, the class went down to the campfire which was AWESOME! After that we all went to bed.

Breakfast was really tasty, and more epic activities followed. After tea, we headed to the courtyard and started playing Ambush, a 2-sided game of hide and seek. We all loved it. We even got all camouflaged up (see photos on Blog page)!

The final day was brilliant, with raftbuilding in the morning, and 1 other activity in the afternoon. Saying goodbye was sad but also happy as we were going to see our parents and siblings again! The bus ride home was OK, but there was a small incident with a class member not to be mentioned.

We finally arrived back at school at home time, with children dragging their suitcases back to their cars. What a trip!

See photos from the trip in another blog, and a vlog as well!!