Firstly we want to say thank you to the teachers who helped us go on the trip and got us in for everything, THANK YOU! This year in 2022 year 5 went to London and really enjoyed it.

We got on the train from Preston Station at 6:57 on the Thursday morning, we all had to get up really early. We had breakfast on the train, and Mr Denton made some of us jealous because he had some McDonalds hash browns. At around half past 9, the train arrived at London Euston. Next stop Youth Hostel.

When we arrived at the YHA we couldn’t put our bags in out rooms, because people were still there from the night before. So Miss O’Grady grabbed half the class and they took our bags to the basement, where they were stored for the day. We then set off for the London Eye.

The queue to get on the London Eye was really long, but we powers through the heat and got into our little pod. We had one to ourselves, do we felt a bit like VIPs! A few people were pretty scared about going up that high, but they actually really enjoyed it! The sights from the top were incredible. All the boys were happy they saw Wembley, especially Oliver and Nate! We got loads of photos, make sure you check those out to!! After that, we got off and had lunch.

Luckily, Miss O’Grady manages to find an unoccupied space for us! It was in the shade, PHEW! We had a little drama at lunch because Leyla S forgot to bring lunch, so people contributed.

After lunch, we went on the Shrek Adventure, which was really fun! First, we went on a 4D bus, when Donkey crashed us and killed Rumplestiltskin’s favourite witch! We had to go find a fortune teller, who told us where Shrek was, but we had to get a portal to get there. Miss Groome (or Miss Green) had to do a dance! Then we went inside Doris’ Pub, and Miss Groome had to say ‘magic portal speeeeel’! We went round lots of different Shrek sets, and had a picture with Shrek at the end!

Then, which was really exciting, we went to the Houses of Parliament. We got split into two different groups, and went into Westminster Hall.We got to go into the House of Commons and House of Lords, and got to listen into the conversations. Afterwards, we did a workshop, and did our own debates. We ended up with 2 Prime Minsters!

When we left the Houses of Parliament, we headed over to McDonalds. We had to wait a bit to get our food, but there was 32 of us, so that’s a lot of people to feed. (Plus everyone else that was in there to!) There are some images on to!

Then we watched Wicked! Everyone was impressed at the singing and dancing of the actors, and we’re WOWED by the pitch of some of the lyrics! (A few octaves higher that’s any of us could go!!😂😂)Back to the YHA now!

At bedtime, a few us (well more than a few) didn’t sleep to the best of their ability! But let’s not go too far into that!

We all got our doors knocked on at 7:30 on Friday morning by Miss Groome and Miss O’Grady, telling us to get dressed and ready! That was probably the least fun bit of the entire trip! Then we had breakfast and collected our packed lunches for the day, and left for The Changing of the Guard.

Instead of going straight to Buckingham Palace, we took a slight detour through Leicester Square, and had a few pictures with Paddington and Fred Estaire before fantasying about M&M World. Then, after almost being run over by a road sweeper (Miss O’Grady and her group!!) we had made it out of China Town and we’re waiting for the guards to begin their changeover! It was incredible, we even made friends with a policeman! We found out some interesting facts from a really nice man; so, really nice man that helped a group of school children in hi-vis, thanks so much!

After watching the guards changeover, we headed to a shady spot for Lubch with the Geese!*

After that, we headed through St.James Park (and taking a short toilet trip) we went to the Horse Guards Parade and had some photos with some horses. Then we were taking the snappy walk to the Imperial War Museum, where we cooled down and looked at loads of cool war artefacts. We even found the stamps that Mrs Shuttleworth asked us to!

After collecting our bags from YHA, we headed towards Euston, ready to board our train. But then disaster struck!! We found out that there was a fire at Leighton Buzzard, and all trains to Peston from London were cancelled. Everyone that was involved with the trip came bs k to school, and the final decision was to get us to King’s Cross. We boarded a train to Leeds, waited 40 minutes for a train to Preston, and left. 1 mile out of Preston Station a train from Liverpool was having signal issues, so we didn’t arrive back until 00:15!

That’s our London story!