Welcome to Willow Class

Myself and Mrs Hall are delighted to welcome you to our class. You will find all the homework information posted here on a Friday. If you have any quick questions or queries either catch me in the morning or at the end of the day. Alternatively please contact the school office I will respond to any requests for a telephone chat or a face to face meeting at a mutually convenient time.

This half term we are starting our English topic comparing Michael Morpurgo’s version of the Pied Piper with Robert Browning’s poem. We will be writing some setting descriptions, character descriptions as well as some non fiction text types including fact files on rats!

In maths we will be deepening our understanding of mental multiplication & division as we then move into the more formal method of using the grid method to multiply 2- & 3- digit numbers by a single digit. Daily times tables will continue (the children really enjoy them!), as we learn to be fluent in them. We will be becoming proficient at statistics, creating and interpreting discrete and continuous data, and we will also be learning about calculating the perimeter of rectilinear shapes

During our science lessons, we will be exploring how sounds are made and how we can hear them. We will be finding out if we can hear sound in space and underwater. By the end of the topic we will be able to talk about what pitch and volume is and how they can be affected by distance and muffling.

Mrs Johnson will continue to teach the children more wonderful words and phrases during French lessons and Mrs Butcher, who will continue to teach in  Willow Class every Tuesday, will be helping the children learn more about God this term. Mrs Butcher will also be teaching music, where the children will be enjoying the delights of learning to play the glockenspiel. 

In this half term we will be finding out about the Anglo Saxons, including where they came from and why they came here, as well as using different sources to discover what happened at Sutton Hoo! We will be deepening our understanding of timelines and where the Anglo Saxons fit into what we already ready know about history.

We will be exploring paper circuits in DT, building our finger fluency, creating mood boards and problem solving in order to create something a bit special for our Christmas cards.

Coding will be a big focus this half term in computing. We will be using Tynker to consolidate our learning about Abstraction, Functions, Conditional Statements, While Loops & Nested Loops.

Our topic, in the new whole school programme My Happy Mind, will see us CELEBRATE our Character Strengths of Love & Kindness, Learning & Exploring, Teamwork & Friendship, Love of the World we live in, and Bravery & Honesty. We will discover that we all have these character strengths but in different levels and how we can grow and develop them as well as spotting them in other people.

Our PE lessons will be indoors this half term as we develop our Gymnastics skills.

1. Willow Homework 3.11.2023

2. Willow Homework 10.11.2023

3. Willow Homework 17.11.2023

4. Willow Homework 24.11.2023




Year 4 Year Group Curriculum Overview 2023-24


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