We are now in the last half term in Year 4. It has been such an amazing year so far with lots of highlights, but there is still so much left to learn and enjoy. Our maths learning for the next few weeks is building on all our learning so far, we will be challenging ourselves with work on place value, statistics, multiplication, shape and money. At the end of this term we will have plenty of time to complete some exciting reasoning problems around Year 4 maths.

We will be combining our English and history topics to discover all about The Battle of Hastings. In English we will be working on Anglo Saxon Boy, writing Haikus and Kennings and producing holiday brochures for Hastings. History will see us investigating the battle and we will be creating newspaper reports as if we were stood on the battlefield.

In Science we will be investigating living things and their habitats. Looking at what habitats we have near us and identifying wild flowers and trees as well as animals. We will be producing classification keys to help us identify plants and animals and also to recognise that environments can change and this can be dangerous to living things.

We will be artists again this half term, looking at the artists Henry Walton & Susan Lordi and then using inspiration from the sculptures of Willow Tree to create our own family sculpture. In Music we will be looking at music from Beethoven, comparing some famous pieces with more modern versions of classical music. We will be looking at how we can use Garage Band to enhance our presentations on our iPads.

Mrs Johnston will be teaching us how to talk about our favourite hobbies and sports and in PE we will be continuing swimming on a Monday whilst practising our track and field events in Athletics.

Willow Homework 8.7.2022

Willow Homework 1.7.2022

Willow Homework 24.6.2022

Willow Homework 10.6.2022

Willow Homework 20.5.2022

Willow Homework 13.5.2022

Willow Homework 6.5.2022

Willow Homework 29.4.2022

Willow Homework 22.4.2022

Willow Homework 25.3.2022

Willow Homework 18.3.2022

Willow Homework 11.3.2022

Willow Homework 4.3.2022

Brazil Facts

Brazil Facts for Kids 1

Willow Homework 25.2.2022

6. Willow Homework 11.2.2022

Willow Homework 4.2.2022

Willow Homework 28.1.2022

Willow Homework 14.1.2022

Willow Homework 10 & 17.12.21

Willow Homework 5.12.2021

Feliz Navidad lyrics

Jingle bell Rock lyrics

Willow Homework 26.11.2021

3. Willow Homework 19.11.2021

3. Times Tables Top Tricks

3. Tips and Tricks for learning times tables

Willow Homework 12.11.2021

The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Robert Browning extract

Willow Homework 5.11.2021

Willow Homework 22.10.2021

Aladdin Story

Willow Homework 15.10.2021

History homework 15.10.21

Willow Homework 8.10.2021

Anglo Saxon Place names 1.10.21

Willow Homework 1.10.2021

Willow Homework 24.9.2021

Willow Homework 17.9.21

Meet the Teacher 2021 Zoom!

Willow Homework 10.9.21

Willow Homework 3.9.21

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