Welcome to Our School council page

We were so excited to return to school in September once we knew that we would be able to get our School and Eco Council up and running again. We take nominations very seriously here at Strike Lane and being a councillor is a very responsible position. Firstly, if the children wanted to be nominated, they had to apply in writing and read their letters in front of their class mates who would then vote for the most suitable candidate. We are pleased to announce that our School and Eco Councillors are: Isabelle C, Amy H, Georgina A, Rowan H, Lyla A, Katie H, Darcy N, Eva C, Lottie S and Jack O. Our School and Eco Governor representative is Mrs Jenna Corner.

The councillors will be involved in lots of decision making over the school year and the first job is to interview and appoint our School Prefects. The Year 6 children were asked to apply in writing, the councillors along with Mrs Bamber and Mrs Corner then shortlisted and finally interviewed on the 29th September 2021. The children were incredibly confident during their interviews and it was a really tough decision – twelve prefects were appointed and wear their badges with pride.

We will also be looking at the ten Eco Schools topics – Energy, Biodiversity, Marine, Healthy Living, Global Citizenship, Waste, Transport, Water, Litter and School Grounds. This will help us to maintain our Green Flag status which is due in September 2022.

The children are also keen to address litter around our school and we have received a kind donation from one of our parents of four new litter pickers. The children can’t wait to get started and show how incredibly proud of their school and school grounds they are.

Meetings take place fortnightly. Watch this space for new and updated information.

Mrs Bamber 😊