Welcome to Rowan Class!

In Rowan Class you will find Year 2 who are taught by  Mr Moulding. Each day Mr Moulding is supported by Mrs Ashworth and Mrs Winter. On a Monday, Rowan Class are taught by Mrs Butcher with Mrs Johnson joining us at the end of a Monday to teach French.

When you come into our classroom you will see an amazing group of children who are always buzzing with excitement about our learning; we’re fun, friendly and inviting and we love a challenge too!

In our school we strive to develop the 6R’s of resilience, readiness, responsibility, respect, reflectiveness and resourcefulness and when you come into your classroom you will see this in all we do! In Year 2 we strive to work hard, try our best, respect each other and have fun too!

This year we are looking forward to continuing to develop our skills and understanding of the year 2 curriculum in a way that is meaningful to us, our interests and our and dreams. We like our learning to be hands on and practical and love exploring the community we are a part of and the environment we live in and can’t wait to continue our learning journey now we are in Year 2. 

Year 2 Year Group Overview 2022-2023

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