Reading Club

This is all about children’s passion for reading. Meeting once a week, the children explore new texts that tantalise their imagination. Using the app Kindle, students from different years read their hearts out in different texts that could range from Fantasy to SciFi, Action to Comics. The children are really enjoying talking about the different texts and delving into a good story!


This is all about expressing the children’s minds through music and song! They sing their hearts out as they listen to and learn new and old songs. They are open to any song suggestions, and there is a wide range that us still expanding! At the moment the suggestions are:

  • Up by Olly Murs
  • Bad guy Billy Eilish
  • Dance Monkey by Tones And I
  • Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys
  • Choir is every Wednesday after school in Year 5 with Mr Denton and Mrs Farnworth 3:30pm-  4:30pm.

STEM club

In STEM people have been exploring, building and investigating. They enjoy it because they like trying to build new things and figuring out how to build them. They have completed numerous projects such as making the Eiffel tower, designing a grabber to pick up a ball, making a mechanical hand and using spaghetti and marshmallows to build a tower.


Years 3 and 4, have been taking part in a a dodgeball club. They put their skills into practice at a tournament on the 8th February 2022, at Carr Hill High School. Jessica, Tyler, Tilli and Alan from year 3 and Conor, Charlotte, Fred and Amelia from year 4 represented our school fantastically. They came in a brilliant sixth place and were so happy with their result!

Thanks Miss Groome for taking us to compete.

Next term will be for Year 5 and year 6.


This club is a fun and enjoyable. It is run by a professional cheerleading association. You can learn to do tricks such as a High V Jump and many others that will impress any audience. Our confidence grows every Thursday morning as we perform our tricks and flips. We hope to impress the school and take their breath away.


First Aid Club

Year 3 are learning useful skills such as what to do in an emergency. They have learnt about Dr ABC which stands for Danger Response Airway Breathing and Circulation. On Wednesday we measured our pulse putting our two fingers on our our wrist and counting for one minute. On the 9th they were looking at the recovery position and they got there hand and put stickers on there hand in Doctor ABC order.