Through quality first teaching and high expectations of all, Strike Lane Primary School aims to create a happy, secure, and stimulating environment. We are committed to putting the needs of the children first whether they be educational, personal or social and we believe that education extends beyond the academic to the development of the whole child. To this end we ensure that the children have opportunities to be involved in engaging and enriching curriculum which is designed to reflect the needs and interests of our children. Our motto is ‘Learning and Growing Together’ and as such we strive to enable all our children to develop into capable and confident life-long learners, nurturing and encouraging our pupils to become well-rounded, responsible and caring global citizens.

Strike Lane Primary School places the highest importance on the safeguarding and welfare of children. The governors, head teacher and staff will carry out their responsibilities efficiently, effectively and diligently to ensure that this is a safe learning environment for all.

We aim to provide the highest possible standards of education for all of our children so they can develop and fulfil themselves by:

  • ensuring that all children, parents, staff, governors and members of the community work effectively together to offer a welcoming, caring and safe environment for all. Trust, mutual respect and co-operation between us is essential
  • providing a broad, balanced and creative curriculum for all children to be able to progress towards his/her potential and develop deeper thinking skills
  • providing an enriched inclusive learning environment which creates confidence and self-esteem by developing a sense of self-worth, self-discipline and respect for others
  • helping pupils to understand the world in which they live and to instil respect for religious and moral values and understanding of other races, religions and ways of life in our culturally diverse world
  • offering learning experiences that enable our children to become valued citizens who are ready to meet the challenges of a changing world
  • assessing and monitoring pupils’ progress throughout their primary years and prepare them for transfer to High School
  • offering a wide variety of extra-curricular activities in order for children to develop the skills and interest to pursue leisure activities both at home, school and into his/her adult life
  • promoting team building skills and leadership qualities through a wide range of activities and challenges