Welcome to Maple Class!

It is unfortunate that we cannot see all of the students from our wonderful class in school but we do look forward to seeing you all on the daily zoom meeting and hope that despite the challenging circumstances, you are enjoying your home learning experience.

From Monday 11th January you will find a weekly overview sheet giving details of what the Remote Learning will be that week. Each day that learning will become available from 9.00am on Showbie and a Zoom meeting will happen every school day at 11:30 AM.

Although we are closed to many pupils, please be assured that we are still here to help you and your families.

Take care, stay safe and we hope to see you soon.

Best wishes,

Miss Owens and Mrs Richards

Home Learning Overview 2/11/20

Can you learn your x 3 and x 4 times tables this week?

How to access Showbie

Year 3 Practical Ideas

Welcome to Year 3