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In Maple Class, we constantly strive to be the best we can! We have a growth mindset; knowing that we learn from our mistakes and that learning makes our brains smarter and stronger!

This half term, we have some very exciting learning planned. In English, we will start by writing letters to a school in America which contacted us last term. We will then move onto writing biographies, focusing on Marcus Rashford, a famous footballer, as well as a prominent voice in current affairs.

In Science, we will be learning all about plants which will link to our DT project, which is making mini greenhouses.

The children have been involved in planning an Art day in school which will see them experimenting with different painting techniques!

Mathematics continues to be a big focus in class. Please continue to practise your fluency in multiplication tables on TT Rockstars and by visiting Mathletics.

We look forward to starting these exciting projects and the other things we have planned.


Miss Owens and Mrs Richards

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