Curriculum Intent

At Strike Lane Primary School the curriculum is designed to build on children’s previous learning to develop knowledge, skills and understanding through practical, first hand learning experiences and opportunities. Our children are eager to learn general knowledge and everyday basic skills which will provide them with a solid basis to grow into confident, independent adults who have the capability to succeed in whichever path in life they choose. We aim to provide children with the essential knowledge they need to be educated citizens and in doing so aim to introduce them to the best of what has been thought and said in order to develop an appreciation of human creativity and achievement with the aim of developing aspirational individuals.

It is important to us that our children are encouraged and supported to become confident, motivated and aspirational learners – developing lifelong learning skills such as resilience, risk-taking, reflection and respect for themselves and others. It is important that they become socially and emotionally aware in order to develop positive collaborative working relationships with others.

Our aim is to ensure that every child recognises, understands and appreciates their place in their local  community and the wider world and that they can show responsibility for, and take pride in, making their own valuable contributions to this.

A wide range of communication and presentation skills are vital for all of our children in order to be able to express themselves appropriately and effectively. In an ever-changing world we aspire to enable our children to have a growth mind set and to be at the forefront of change for the better. We aim to develop confidence and inspiration to dream big; desire and determination to chase those dreams and passion and persistence to succeed.

The Department for Education publishes information about the National Curriculum and details of this can be found at:

Here is the EYFS framework